Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Someone dial 911'

Sooner or later I'll start to break down and fall apart after all this.
College life is hectic ttm!
Canoeing water trainings, self trainings, tests, tutorials... It's gonna make a mount everest in singapore and create historyin a few days time.

And the thing I dread most is falling sick during this two years.
I attribute my illness to the lack of sleep every single day leading to my poor immune system. I don't even think I can take the fitness test this thursday with my irritating nose and cough.. OH MAN!

&& I can't even find a time where I can meet up with my friends and hang out.
At this rate, there'll be a high probability of me retaining(CROSSS MY FINGERS!!!!) if my results don't improve man. Then there's the worrying of getting kicked out of canoeing, studies, fitness, sleep.. blah blah blah.

If you've forgotten how I look like. There you go.

OMG! I'm going nuts!

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