Sunday, December 13, 2009

Diet cum buget plan active.

Marina Bay--->River taxi--->Singapore Flyer--->Bukit merah
That was my day yesterday!
It was lots of fun and kinda embarrassing too since my aunt got tickets to follow some CC(& I didn't know it was CC!). The whole trip I was anticipating the singapore flyer trip! It got kinda boring since it moves so freaking slow, though that's the purpose. At least I saw some gorgeous night scenery!

& I'm gonna complain about that bukit merah restaurant!
It totally sucks, the attitude and their service okay. Some stupid kia hiang restaurant if I'm not wrong. They made a mistake in the order themselves and expect us to go along with it. Dumb shit.

Okay, enough of scolding them.
I've been a pig lately, okay not exactly. My biological clock has some serious problems. Don't believe me? I'll go to bed at like 3am then wake at like 1pm or so. I believe that I'm switching myself to paris timing accidentally. HAHAHAS

& I made 3 earrings! YAY!
Photos perhaps later on..
I'll need to lose some weight! diet plan please be successful.

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