Sunday, December 20, 2009

Xmas is round the corner, Yes?

I've been working non stop these few days and I'm sooo gonna die for next week.
I just pray pray pray that there's no need to work on christmas, at least let me play? FYI, today i'm not off.

& my insomnia is back again.
I reach home late at night feeling all lethargic but I just cant seem to sleep.
Maybe it's the environment? I have no idea what's happening. Biological clock has some screws loose I suppose.

Xmas is a few days time and I dont seem anticipated for it.
There're soooo many year end sales going on and I can't shop. SADDENING! stupid mango actually sold my size when I went back to next day.damn it.

Let's see, here's my wishlist(before and after xmas)
1.Sewing machine
2.Zara boots
3.Topshop dress
4.Mango Leather jacket
6.Thin pretty watch
7.Selfridge denim pants

Well, that's about it.
It can go as long as I want it to if I continued walking around orchard.
Gotta go prepare for work already. Have a good day!


D. said...

hahaha. why boxers man!
with hole or w/o? xD

Seraphina L. said...

hahas. I.ll be greedy and want both. Me want many many.hahahas. I was innocent about de hole okay.. Hahas.