Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas 'belated'

Work has been hectic these few days thanks to christmas.
Christmas countdown after work with sis and nana! :D
It was freaking crowded at orchard road. I think that we should all prepare ourselves a spray in case kena spray.

And my asshole boss praised the novena people in front of us and said that he was just recognising the people who put in the most effort blah blah blahs. What total crap okay. It's just ___ biased.

Anyway, the boss gave us each a little something.
WOW, and they are kinda really super cheapskate okay. Gingerbreads that actually suck. NANA I think you'll love it loads.
(It has the ginger taste, EWWW)

Enough about stupid work. So wanna hurry get my pay and bid them goodbye.
Christmas is over already, & I haven't mailed the letters yet. So sorry people!! It's all because of yeah, work.

And and,

P.S. I'm just so tired.

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