Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Paris, je t'aime

Okay, nervous part 1 is over.
Getting of O level results was the nervous feeling. The cliche "I have butterflies in my stomach kind" Okay maybe not. It was more of the "I'm gonna die cos I didn't have a good nights sleep"

Town with Xing.
Can you believe she's like out with me in school uniform?!?! I remember in the past she'll be like "I can't must save money" or it'll be "I have to go home"
& Hey, we ate udders!! totally worth the amount though I still have my reservations towards alcohol.(including alcholic ice cream)

I finally got myself a organiser.
Best part of it? It has eiffel towers and paris wordings on it. Okay, I have a thing for paris and everything french (mostly). I think xj was getting fed up with me taking so long to choose it. It was kinda costly for a book which I have a feeling that'll go missing after a few months.

& NANA is at my house now :D CHIT CHAT, GOSSIP SESSION.
I'm quitting my job on 15.

Before D-Day photos with prom crashers.

'Let's all ignore Deb!'


Long escalator shot.

Glutton me. First soup spooner on a hungry stomach.

Toilet shots :D

Yes, Muji was too comfortable.
(PS, that's NOT me)

'It's SNOWING in Muji!'

Thigh high boots or ankle boots?
Who cares, It's topshop! Get it all man.


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