Monday, January 04, 2010

Ape, Cow and donkey bloody idiots

School starts today and i kinda miss going back there saying 'it's been so long since i last met you, what were you doing this holiday!'
Yes, i miss that back to school feeling while i'm like stuck at work and have to await for the stupid results that i have a bad feeling about.

I'm gonna eat my brunch then head to work..

Bimbo visited to me at work today.
Cherie, mabel and denise came to have dinner with me :D Finally not eating alone for my break. HAHAHAS.Ate korean cuisine! Love their rice cake man. They waited for me to have udders. How kind were they? Look I complimented you guys. Be happy :D hahahahas.

Work is just fucked up.
I really wanna bold that F word. The sickening boss edited the damn time card la, then take away the break timing. Everybody's pay is like lesser than what we should have been given. No way am I accepting it man.

Asshole stingy boss, you'd better give me my pay full if not your shop will shut down the time I quit it. People please dont ever be sooo dumb to go work for them.

1.Pay is not on time
2.Break is kinda short
3.we have fucking bosses
4.the gingerbread sucks have no idea if your choco is fresh
6.they'll damn last min askl you go back work
7.I just hate it
8.Where's my pay already?!?!
9.they're money suckers
10.they're 'animals'

Will elaborate when I finally quit that job.
That is after I get my pay la. Better hurry go count my working hours and calculate my supposed pay.

O level results please, dont tell me.

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