Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Starbucks' just my second home

Slack day totally with lessons ending at 12.30 (note tuesday is the only happy day to go home early) and dumb pw had to go and destroy everything by putting a lecture at 3.00
Oh well, it doesn't really matter since I skipped it. Seriously, I think pw lectures are just nonsensical since we don't even learn anything. Okay maybe I did. I learnt a new word-amalgamation.

On another note, it's easter week in school.
YAYness to the super cute sheeps around the school for us to take photos with during our freaking long breaks. Another one goes to the lunchtime live performances.
& really, I thought that easter week was about easter bunnies and finding of easter eggs. Well, I just learnt that it's not and it's actually about the death of jesus.

Oh and I've got tickets for live concert by the school.
I think I took too much already. I have like 3 more tickets now. Anybody interested?

Time for some photos.

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