Sunday, April 25, 2010

Life's a bitch, KBB's the bigger bitch.

Am totally freaking out.
The teachers all seem to speak a different language, they seem to write wierd markings on the screen. Maybe it's beacause I cant get a good night's sleep thanks to freaking PI and hectic trainings. But still,24hours just doesnt seem enough now.

I don't even have time for myself.
I miss the times when I could hang out till 6 at hub. I miss the times where we could sneak food up to the classroom. I miss cai fan and da bao!!
I miss my old life. I miss 4/3. i miss the sleepovers I had at gina,joey and xingjie. I miss the netball trainings. I miss........................
(okay enough, This can go on and on)

(& here I go again!. You may skip this if you want to)
She's just a freaking beach that is damn biased to the guys. She nagged at us being late for her lessons then made us stand throughout the 1hour. Then she made 2 guys stand up for sleeping in her class. The most ironic thing is that: both the guys sat down after a while. One even sat on the table!

KBB:ni men hen fang si arh, gan zuo zai yi zi!
GUY:lao shi shi zhuo zi bu shi yi zi.
(then the guy sat on a chair)
ME: decides to lean on the wall
KBB:Whey, shui rang ni kao qiang bi, gei wo zhan hao.

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