Sunday, December 27, 2009

Exhausted, need retail therapy.

Work was really boring today since christmas is over.
It was like totally empty and I was falling asleep. craving for waffles with ice cream, cheesecakes, pizza hut and soft shell crab. I wanna eat like everything but then again, I need to watch what I eat to stop gaining weight.
(No time, too exhausted to exercise)

Oh and about netball farewell..
More details please? Like what time to what time? In school if i'm not wrong.. Erm, no sleepover in school ba? Lots of questions zero answer. Hilarious.

I really want my pay soon to do retail therapy.
& I hate my job! Please dont send me over to Novena please.. TBC.


 know who.
More photos at gina's blog!

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